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My Story…

I have been living with Chronic Migraine for about a decade. 

Severe migraine attack is listed by the World Health Organization as in the category of causing most severe disability, along with quadriplegia, terminal stage cancer, and active psychosis. I have severe attacks regularly, in which I can't move and can't speak. The head pain is just one of the many symptoms of migraine that impair me and cause suffering.

As I have come to reckon more honestly with my disease and with my unique needs that result from it, I have learned that migraine research is as underfunded as it is debilitating.

Migraine doesn't usually kill you (although it is linked with increased risk of stroke and other often fatal health issues), but it still can steal your life and/or make your life feel like it is not worth living. A study on migraine found that close to 50% of chronic migraineurs with aura (as I have) had suicidal ideation, and close to 15% actually attempted suicide. There are biological links between migraine and depression (i.e., some of the mechanisms of migraine, such as serotonin imbalance, are mechanisms of depression), and then there is the situational depression and anxiety caused by migraine. I myself have struggled with the depression and anxiety that comes with Chronic Migraine, and it has been very difficult.

I hope you will join me in supporting this worthy cause by donating. If you want to walk with me, message me!

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